How it All Started

The story of "The Wild Spice"

Being away from home and pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering in KSA, We was very sad and feeling out of place. We started to familiarize Over selves with new surroundings and food places to feel at home. Food is no doubt part of one’s identity, and wherever you are, you can find a home through a great dish. We found solace in KSA takeaway food outlets and became close friends with the owners. We would visit there quite often and thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and the food, especially the Burgers, Pizza and Ice Cream). When We moved back to Islamabad after completing our degree, We missed the food in islamabad so much that We decided to take the recipes from Our friends and introduced the same flavors’ to the people in Islambad. The name “the Wild Spice” was hence decided. Wild is the name of the people living in the North of KSA.

What people are saying

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